About DPG

About Devils Playground Clothing

So we get asked a lot what Devils Playground (DPG) clothing is all about. DPG is anyone that enjoys action sports. We are for your everyday person that works 40 hours a week to fill up the truck and tank in the bike to go riding. The weekend warrior. That hard working person grinding that axe all week so they can go play.

DPG was started in April 2011 by Jordan Brush. After years of designing clothes in his basement, a buddy of Jordan’s told him that he should stop pursuing a career in tattooing and pull the trigger on his clothing company. They came up with the name Devils Playground right there over beers in the back room of that tattoo shop.

But first, let’s take it back a few years. When Jordan was a kid, he enjoyed reading Fox magazine and examining all gear from the advertisements. That gave way to him starting to draw his own designs and clothing of what he thought would look cool. “I saw a pair of swim trunks that Fox had and thought, I could make a cooler pair,” said Jordan.

It was from there that his grandmas showed him how to sew and design on clothing and hats he would pick up at Goodwill and other thrift-shops during summer breaks. Eventually he wanted to start a company that would represent how people feel.

Now let’s fast-forward to after that evening that DPG was born. From there Jordan became obsessed with all things screen printing and he eventually taught himself how to screen print from YouTube videos. He was so hard pressed for proper equipment that he started his journey using a pool table as his flat area. He would go on to learn some of the best-in-class techniques to create high quality goods for the hard-working warrior.

Jordan now runs a successful clothing company that is designed for the people you’d have a beer or ride with.